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I authorize a Greensboro iPhone Repair technician(s) to perform repair work on my electronic device. I understand that Greensboro iPhone Repair technicians will work on electronic devices but Greensboro iPhone Repair is not an authorized repair dealer affiliated with Apple. Further, I agree to release, indemnify, and hold Greensboro iPhone Repair from liability for any claims or damages of any kind or description that may arise from any repair work performed on my electronic device, unless it is caused by severe negligence of Greensboro iPhone Repair or its technician(s). I understand that Greensboro iPhone Repair and its technician(s) reserve the right to cease the repair in the event that extensive damage including, but not limited to, water damage and corrosion are detected. I understand that I will be contacted by Greensboro iPhone Repair if water damage, bent housing/frame, or other issue(s) is discovered during the repair process. I understand that if I approve to have the technician continue the repair, there is no guarantee or warranty that the device will work after designated repairs are completed due to existing damages. I understand that Greensboro iPhone Repair is not responsible for any data loss, which may occur as a result of work done on my electronic device. I also understand that I have the option to, and I am responsible for backing up the device before allowing any repair to be performed on my device in the event of any data loss and hardware or software failure. I understand that Greensboro iPhone Repair will not browse through any personal, private or confidential information or data; however, technicians may inadvertently see data during the course of their work. I understand that any confidential data should be removed from the device prior to having repair work performed on the device. I understand that repairs or technical support performed by Greensboro iPhone Repair will void manufacturer warranties, especially in the case of iOS device repairs. Greensboro iPhone Repair and its affiliates do not assume any liability or manufacturer warranty in the event that the manufacturer warranties are voided but may, at its sole discretion, offer its own warranty on the parts and/or services performed. I understand that repairs performed by Greensboro iPhone Repair will eliminate the device from being recognized as water-resistant. I understand that full payment is due at the time of device retrieval. I understand that Greensboro iPhone Repair may keep my device until payment has been made in full. I understand that Greensboro iPhone Repair reserves the right to keep my device as a form of payment if monetary payment has not been given within 60 days of the completion of repair.

 ———————————————————————————————————————- Cellular Repair Liability Waiver Form

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** Greensboro iPhone Repair offers a 30-Day warranty on any defective parts specifically used in the original repair. Warranty is null and void if water damage, physical damage to the part, and/or evidence of tampering is present. **

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