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Motherboard Repair

In some cases, your device may need Motherboard Repair. This is complicated and requires micro soldering on the internal motherboard of your iPhone, Macbook, PC, or Game Console.
There are 3 things you need to know about motherboard repair on devices. First, Motherboard problems can be tricky to diagnose and fix. The only way to diagnose these issues is through a lot of trial and error, and finding the exact resistor, inductor, or capacitor that is causing the problem.
The second is that motherboards are fragile, especially inside iPhone and Macbooks. When you notice a bend in your iPhone frame, it’s possible motherboard issues can begin to start such as touch disease or boot loops.
The third is that you can not simply “replace” a motherboard. The motherboard is a lot like your spine and holds all the crucial information inside your phone together.

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motherboard repair
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