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Welcome to Greensboro iPhone Repair

Welcome to iFitzit – Greensboro iPhone Repair.

This venture started in 2009, when I began taking apart iPhones to see what I could fix inside them. I quickly realized that I could fix these devices for my family and peers at a much lower price than the Apple store was charging.
Here at Greensboro iPhone Repair we try to give you the best repair, at a fraction of the cost anywhere else.
I know how important a cell phone is these days, so our repairs are always done as efficiently as possible.
I offer a 30 day warranty on most repairs, because I believe in quality of work in the repair business.

What makes a great repair?

A great repair boils down to 2 main things: experience and part quality.
These are 2 things I have worked on for a very long time, and a lot of experience makes for great repairs.
Part Quality is a large issue in this business, because these parts can come from any factory in china.
I have found a few great suppliers that continue to offer great quality parts, so you do not have to worry about part quality if you choose Greensboro iPhone Repair.
We buy, sell, and trade used electronics as well as offer almost any repair on any piece of technology with a power button.

Greensboro iphone repair owner
iphone 8 plus repair

What do I do if the iPhone repair or other kind of device repair I need is not listed?

Don’t worry! There are so many devices out there it is hard to name every repair. This does not mean we won’t fix it! Just give us a call and tell us the device model and the issue you are having, and we will be happy to assist you in the repair process.

What if I don't live in Greensboro, but I still want my device repaired by you?

That is not an issue either! Mail-in repairs are very common due to our low prices. If you would like to send your device to us for repair, call or email us to schedule that!

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